Anna Kettery Spanton

Profile Updated: November 2, 2012
Residing In: Indianapolis, IN USA
Children: Kayly,born 1992 ; makenzie,born 1995
Occupation: sales management
Homepage: Face book Anna Kettery-Spanton
Yes! Attending Reunion
School story:

I never realized how big our class was.Try going to a reunion of 100, then you get it. I never really felt I fit in with any one group. I just smiled and said HI to everyone. I still do.

My favorite high school memory:

watching my friend Matt Puckett take State in wrestling. I had so much fun that day what a rush.

One thing I am really good at:

Well I still don't shut up. I just learned how to channel it. I make alot of money, doing what I do best. Talking to people!!!!!!!!

My greatest accomplishment since WC:

My girls of course. I worked to start a Autism program in a small community in Wisconsin. As a One on one aide, I found it to be very challeging yet rewarding

One thing I wish I could change:

i would have tried harder, to except myself more. Worry less about what people thought of me. I'm still the same kid in a grown up body. People just got nice as they grew up.

What I wish I knew then:

Life gets better outside of Highschool. Hold your breathe, close your eyes, it will be OK

My favorite WC teacher:

Mr. Cominski

The person who has influenced me the most:

Never had that person. I had to find my own way.

What I miss the most from high school:

Eddie Mayor, he is the only one I lost contact with. Miss him.

Best decision I've made since high school:

Don't let anything hold you back

When I retire, I will:

travel more

My ideal getaway:

cruise through international waters. Visit exotic places. Enjoy many new cultures

My favorite quote:

Cool Beans

Most difficult challange:

Getting through school.

How I would like to be remembered:

As the girl who got along with everyone. Always happy

Best relationship advice:

Don't ever settle. Realize when its time to make new memories. Have great friends to welcome you back, help you move home, forgive you for being away so long. Your never to old to find someone who can't live without you. An old friend told me that last night. Thanks Tommy W.

Best parenting advice:

If they hate you ,you have suceeded. When the come to their senses you've won their hearts again.

The job I would choose if nothing else mattered:

independently wealthy so I wouldn't have to choose

For fun I like to:

lay on the beach and watch the kiteboarders, or windsurfers


WOW moved several times, still looking for the perfect place to plant my feet. Anyone who knows me I always loved trying new things. So many places to see, take time to enjoy them all,Ihave. Decided after being gone for twenty years, to move back to Indy. Who Knew!!!!

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