Stephen McLean

Profile Updated: June 5, 2009
Residing In: Pendleton, IN USA
Spouse/Partner: Theresa - for now. Just ask me. I'm not bitter.
Children: Kayla Renee' McLean - March 1999
Occupation: Correctional Officer
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Military Service: Unitled States Marine Corps  
Yes! Attending Reunion
School story:

My fond memories are driving to school, see my friends and running cross-country. I think back to a time that was so stress free and enjoyable. As we get older it seem like a hundred years have past since going to class, the proms, and the young dumb love of dating. I look back at this time in my life and can only smile. A good time in my life and one I have missed.

My favorite high school memory:

So many... Rocky Horror Picture Show, Crusin' the Strip, my girlfriend that did not go to Warren. Bill Mansfield and the Sh@t we got into. Brings a smile when I think of them.

One thing I am really good at:

Making others laugh. Even in prison.

My greatest accomplishment since WC:

Joining the Maines, becoming a father, getting through Law Enforcement Academy, and living life to its fullest.

One thing I wish I could change:

I regret not one thing I have done in my life.

What I wish I knew then:

How important old friends are in your life. I would like to see them again.

My favorite WC teacher:

Mr. Foster - art teacher.

The person who has influenced me the most:

My Grandfather. I stand in his shadow but hope to accomplish more than he did.

What I miss the most from high school:

No bills, dodging taxes, living at home for free, eating bad food in the chow hall, seeing the lovely girls, free time with friends, football games, and the good times. (We all have memories.)

Best decision I've made since high school:

Joining the Marines. The discipline that I gained from their instruction has made me the man that I am today.

When I retire, I will:

I have recieved my government retirement information. They say I can start receiving my retirement from them when I am 67. Damn, I can work till I'm 80. Why retire.

My ideal getaway:

A beach, anywhere, just give me sun and a drink. Blop my ass on the sand leave me alone.

My favorite quote:

Life is like a bowl of yogart; you have to dig in it for the fruit. Heard that in high school and have lived by it ever since.

Most difficult challange:

Becoming injuried in the Marines and having to fight to stay in for two more years. They got me in the end, but I have them now.

How I would like to be remembered:

I would like to be remembered as a good friend, a devoted father and a loving man.

Best relationship advice:

Communicate with your spouce. Treat her the same as the first time you dated; to the end of her life.

Best parenting advice:

If you go to jail we will not bail your ass out. (They meant it)

Do your very best.

Treat others as you would treat yourself.

Current Employer

Indiana Department of Corrections

The job I would choose if nothing else mattered:

Full time artist. I am still drawing, painting and taking pictures. But to live off that kind of talent is hard.

For fun I like to:

Build cars, draw, paint, take pictures, walk 7.5 miles a day, play with my daughter, ride bikes, swim, go out with my wild friends, watch tv, go to myspace, now facebook and cook. (I only sleep three hours a night. I have time.)


I can say that if I died tonight I have had an interesting and fun life. I have meet many different kinds of people in my life that have opened my eyes to see thing differently.
I have an inmate that I have to see every day. He has been in prison for over 40 years. He returned from Vietnam a soldier hooked on drugs. One night he has a flash backs to Nam. Knowing only one-way to survive He grabs a gun and fights off the enemy. When the police arrested him, four people were dead. He killed people on the street and a police officer responding to the call for help. This Vet did not get the help that other soldiers do today. Today his only dream and driving force in his life is to be free once again. He's now off drugs, elderly and broken by the system. The soldier lives to be free.

I tell you this story not to shot holes in the legal system. But make us see that things can change in a night. Respect other, kiss your children and pray nothing happen to them. Be happy you made the right choice in life. No one is perfect and the only difference from his life to your is you many have not gotten caught.

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