Tracie Westerfield Boyer

Profile Updated: March 13, 2014
Tracie Westerfield
Residing In: Ladoga, IN USA
Children: Dane Stephen-1999, Lillie Grace-2001, Nolan Stephen-2005.
Occupation: Legal Nurse Consultant
Yes! Attending Reunion
School story:

I'll never forget when DeeAnn Miller's mother found some photos I had taken of a her house...obviously she knew nothing about it until then. There was a picture of people dancing on her beautiful dining room table. I thought they were pretty funny. DeeAnn...not so much.
Of course there was tp'ing with Neki Mason and Cindy Reed. Cindy always managed to get busted. Her poor parents.
Spring Break. There were 8 of us. I can't believe my mother let me go. I am just now telling her all the juicy details. 80's HAIR!!! Fun stuff.

My greatest accomplishment since WC:

Obviously as a mom I must say my children. My second greatest accomplishment would be growing a successful business that has afforded me the opportunity to work at home where I can still be very involved with my kids. Not so good at the whole marriage thing!

My favorite WC teacher:

Mr. Gray...or is it Grey? Zoology teacher. Such a nice man.

What I miss the most from high school:

Sleeping in.

When I retire, I will:

Be old.

My ideal getaway:

A condo with an ocean view. Perhaps a cabin in the mountains.

Most difficult challange:

Losing my father to Alzheimer's Disease. It was sad to watch his mind go and realize that he would not know his grandchildren.

Best parenting advice:

I have three kids. Poor Nolan, by the time he was born I didn't carry a diaper bag, instead, I hoped there was a diaper in the glove box. The five second rule turned into "Hey kid, there are more crumbs over here". Nolan gets to pee behind trees at the park since I just don't have the energy to make it to the potty and he didn't even have to chew on a bar of soap when he called his brother a jackass. (I don't know where he heard that one!) I guess I am certainly not one to offer advice but I will say, enjoy them.

Current Employer

Boyer Legal Nurse Consultants, Inc.

For fun I like to:

I love spending time with the kids outdoors. We hike, camp (in a camper of course), and explore. I love sitting around a campfire with close friends, a beer and someone close by to watch after the little ones.


Life has had its ups and downs. Right now I'm on the upswing. I have three terrific kids who have been a joy. I'm getting divorced after 12 years of marriage. Being a single mom is not as easy as I thought it would be. You never anticipate this kind of thing. I still keep in contact with my closest friends from High School and they have been a tremendous support for me. Live in rural Montgomery County Indiana about an hour West of where I grew up. It's alright. I have made some terrific friends here and it is the only home my kids have ever known.

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My kids!
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My children-August 2008
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5/17/09 Avon Park me and my three!
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