In Memory

David Marsh


 From the May 19, 1989 WC School Newspaper, The Owl: "For those of you who didn't have the pleasure of knowing Dave and those of you who did; this is the way we, and Dave, would like to remember him. Dave was a lot of fun to be around and be could easily found in a crowd by his distinctive loud voice. Dave always had a stupid joke or a smart aleck remark that would always put a smile on your face. He had more pick-up lines than anyone can imagine, most of which could not be repeated. He enjoyed the company of his friends, especially the women. Dave, we will always remember you for your hat, the holes in your jeans, and the smile on your face" Love Always, Aaron Carr, Mark Bacon, Troy Smith, Dave Murphy, Greg Smith, Dave Allen, Eric Stafford, and the rest of your friends."

DAVID MARSH'S UNFINISHED SENIOR WILL: "I, David Marsh, leave this stuff to these people: To Mark Bacon-a round trip ticket to 151st Street. Troy Smith-I give him my private taxi with driver (A subtle hint). Aaron Carr-Car keys to Z-24. Cindy Reed-a case of _____. Traci Westerfield-a Labrador retriever puppy. (69)Dave Murphy-a spanky shirt. Phil "G.A.F."-a muscle massager. Mark Seprodi- "


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10/16/08 01:21 AM #1    

Mark R Scott III

David and I joined the Marine Corps together in January of 1989. We had a long night of laughs waiting to do our military physicals at the MEPS processing station when it was downtown. He had me laughing until I cried and I'll never forget him. When they played "Only the Good Die Young" and "Spirit in the Sky" at his funeral, those two songs became instant reminders of him and ever since that day he was laid to rest when I hear either one of those songs, I remember him. Except now I hear them on the "oldies" station... what's up with that?

Till we meet again David -- Mark

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