Heather Borrego Steiner

Profile Updated: December 16, 2008
Residing In: Evansville, IN USA
Spouse/Partner: Daniel Steiner (1989)
Children: Daughters:Quene Skye 17,Allea Kyri 15
Yes! Attending Reunion
School story:

My high school career was that of self-realization, soul searching and understanding why there are needs to fit in... find that "place" where we thrive and succeed.I've continued my quest for the understaning of the "self" that which makes us happy in our own ways.Friends are important while we are deveopling our 'persona's'....and they continue to help us maintain our composure in our later days ...yet it it comes back to the "self". No one can know "you" until there is self-awareness

My favorite high school memory:

Everything involving theater..government class..
contributing to the fashion faux-pas that is now relishing in the trendy limelight...

One thing I am really good at:

Horticultural\Floral knowledge of weird proportions.I don't have a degree in that field. My personal \career experiences have led my interest and continued search for more knowledge in the Floral and Greenhouse Industry . Every year I attend Ohio State University Short Course and Trade Show.I am certified in chemical applications of pesticides,fungicides and herbicides. I am also certified in Greenhouse Production Management and have been a Purchaser\Merchandiser\Designer and Consultant on both the Retail and Wholesale end of the Industry.I have given seminars on several subjects including care,maintenance,insect identification,floral \houseplant\garden design....I love plants..what can i say..

My greatest accomplishment since WC:

Raising two very independent and motivated young women. They know what they want and are not afraid to go after their dreams. They are prepared to stand up for their beliefs and will also stand up for others that are not being treated respectfully. They are their own greatest accomplishment...I am just their guide..I am thankful that they come to me about everything...of that I am so very grateful!!!

One thing I wish I could change:

Nothing...why change the past?
would you change the future?
to serve what purpose?
for the good of the planet?
your own gain?
personal or financial?
to change any given moment is to change
all memories relished
HS 10-31-03

What I wish I knew then:

How hard it is to raise teenagers..I luckily remember how hard it is to be one..

My favorite WC teacher:

Mr.Feit-Theater Arts
Ms.Gretchen Colbert -US GOVERNMENT(i believe she got married soon after '89)
Mr. Armstrong-Philosophy

The person who has influenced me the most:

That is a tough question...there have been many people over the years that have been inspirational.

What I miss the most from high school:

..I guess I don't miss...I reminisce...

Best decision I've made since high school:

... move to Evansville

When I retire, I will:

Hike the Appalachian Trail,paint,play dulcimer-hopefully teach grandkids dulcimer,continue reading as much as possible(mostly nonfiction -AncientEgyptianHistory\religious,historical,contoversial, politcal, self-awareness, nutritional, ta'i chi ch'uan&garden 'til I die an old lady out in my back yard

My ideal getaway:

*a very long tour of Egypt (Include Giza Plateau,Sphinz,Karnak,Philae Island,Valley of the Kings,Luxor,Deir el-Bahri )
*France(Rennes-Le-Chateau\Rosslyn Chapel\Chartes,Temple Church,Louvre & to walk the original Roseline)
*Travel New Zealand-decide if we love it enough to retire there...it's always been a thought

My favorite quote:

I have several..here are 3:
*We find comfort among those who agree with us-growth among those who don't.-Frank A Clark
*One of the most valuable things any person can learn is the art of using the knowledge and experience of others.-Napoleon Hill
*Be the change you want to see in the world.-Mahatma Gandhi

Most difficult challange:

...to quit analyzing everything...that's the Virgo in me ,I suppose

How I would like to be remembered:

I would like to be remembered as a person of genuine interest in the physical world and of all it's inhabitants.The sentient who see it through each day(past and present) have given me the interest in accumulative cultural knowledge.

Best relationship advice:

Be honest and open minded...don't be afraid to share your opinion..but don't forget it's not the only one...

Best parenting advice:

love,comfort,support,guide,share,provide structure\routine,be honest to yourself\child,don't let anything shock you..and most

The job I would choose if nothing else mattered:

Holistic Complete Health ,Life & Spiritual Guide-I don't like the term "Coach".However, that term does generalize the position

For fun I like to:

*Read mostly nonfiction\historical mysteries\spritual\ANYTHING Egyptian-I have lots of topics I enjoy reading..
*Gardening vegetables & foliage\flowering plants
spend time with my family-camping,
dancing & singing around the house with my daughters
*Having a long talk with Dan-about life past ,present and what the future can hold


I am looking forward to catching up with everyone.

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Well..I got rid of the bangs..
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My first born Quene Skye.It's hard to believe she'll be 18 in less than a year!!!!
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My baby Allea Kyri. Notice the slight smirk...
it comes with the territory! 15 is not an easy age..
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